Charter services

One of the main activities of our company is the organization of charter flights. The modern rhythm of life involves effective means of communication and movement, and the overcoming of long distances in the conditions of the limited time has become a necessity.

Charter flight is very convenient and fast way to reach any point of the world, not wasting so precious time during changes of flights, aircraft and other discomforts.


Charter flights are the most time-efficient:

  • You can travel without changes of aircraft and waiting in transition airports;
  • You will have a wider arrange of airports in comparison to the regular flights. This will allow you to get to the destination faster and in more convenient way;
  • You can also visit other countries in the same day when you order charter flights.


Our Air Company will help you in organizing, coducting and performing passenger charter flights using aircraft Boeing 737-300.

Our specialists’ long-term work experience in air transportation allows us to guarantee the quality in completion of our clients’ requests.

 In our Company you can order domestic and international charter flights

You can book charter flight and receive all necessary information about aircraft booking, organization of charter flight and costs of services by contacting us: