The DREAM WIND Airlines was founded at the end of 2017.

The main task of DREAM WIND is to create a successful airline with up-to-date safety technologies and international standards in civil aviation.

In March 2018, we replenished fleet with the first aircraft – the medium-haul Boeing 737-300, and in May 2018 we received another aircraft, as well as the medium-haul Boeing 737-300. Thus, at the beginning of June 2018, the fleet of the Airline includes two medium-haul Boeing 737-300 with capacity of 148 and 144 seats. Replenishment of the fleet was confirmed by the plans to perform flights immediately after receiving all necessary permits.

In July, 2018 Dream Wind Airlines received Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and License of the State Aviation Administration to provide services for the transportation of passengers by air, which showed compliance with all standards, including carrier’s safety standards for transportation and ground handling.

On September 9, 2018, we operated our first commercial flight from the airport Kiev to the airport Antalya.

We plan to operate our flights from the airports Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Kharkiv and Odessa.

Strategic airline’s plans of the airline is the development of as many directions as possible and the expansion of the fleet in accordance with market requirements.